Education and Occupation;             
- Mechanical  and Geothermal Engineer
- Dealing with geothermal electricity production and heating applications since 1973
- 1978: Training on Geothermal  Engineering and Drilling Technology (USA)
- 1979: Geothermal education, Kyushu University (Japan)
First realized geothermal applications in Turkey;
-  Geothermal power (0.5 Mwe) Pilot Plant Design and implementation in Denizli-Kızıldere (1974)
- Gönen  City Geothermal District Heating System
- Feasibility study of geothermal CO2 and dry ice production system integrated to Kızıldere Geothermal Power Plant (1984, single application in the world)
- ORME Geothermal Inc. has realized the engineering design of more than 310.000 residences equiv. geothermal district heating and 43 geothermal facilities are operational.
Duties in different Establishments, Commissions and Associations;
- Worked 9 years in MTA-General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration
- Represented Turkey in CENTO and NATO, in geothermal commission (only 5 representatives from the world) United Nations (UNITAR/UNDP) and International Energy Agency
- Founder and Chairman of Board of ORME Jeotermal Inc. (1984)
- Vice Chairman of the T.R. Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Five Year Development Plan Geothermal Comissions and Chairman of 9th Five Year Development Plan Geothermal Working Group (2007).
- 1999-2001: Geothermal Resources Council Director of Board
- 1999-2004: Vice-President of EGEC-European Geothermal Energy Council (Belgium)
- 2000-2005: Vice-Chairman of World Geothermal Congress-WGC2005  Organising Committee and Chairman of WGC2005 Turkish Organising Committee
- 2001-2007: IGA*-International Geothermal Association (Iceland) Vice-President
- 2007-2010: IGA* European Regional Branch Chairman(IGA ERB)
(2010-…. : IGA ERB Honorary Member)
- 1995-2013: President of Turkish Geothermal Association
Some of the conferences given;
1998: ISS-International Summer School on Direct Application of Geothermal Energy-Azores
1999: Oregon Institute of Technology GeoHeat Center-USA,
2001: Bad Urach (EGEC, GtV, IGA, Unesco) received Certificate of Merit for his contributions by giving conference and education
2003: European Geothermal Congress in Hungary
2004: International Geothermal Days, Poland
2007: EGC2007 (European Geothermal Congress), Scientific Committee member
2009: NUMOV (German Near and Middle East Association) , Germany-Potsdam
2009: Geopower Europe 2009, EGEC, München, Germany
2010: Geothermal Congress, GtV German Geothermal Society
2011: Greenpower Conferences TIREC2011 Geopower 2011, İstanbul
presented 196 Scientific papers in international and local conferences
- 1984: Incentive High Level Award from Turkish Scientific & Technical Research Institution (TUBITAK)
- 5 May 2001: entitled as “Honorary Professor” by Oradea University (Romania)
- September 2002: received a certificate of appreciation from Thessaloniki-Aristotle University in Greece with the reason of his valuable contributions to the international geothermal developments in the last years
- 2005: The Geothermische Vereinigung e.V. (German Geothermal Association) awarded the Patricius-Plakette for the year 2005 to Orhan Mertoğlu, to honor his restless efforts towards the practical application of geothermal energy, his contribution to the promotion of geothermal energy in Europe and Internationally, and his always reliable support of the geothermal associations. 12 holders of the Patricius-Plakette exist in the whole world
- 2005: Special Achievement Award is given to Orhan Mertoğlu for his outstanding contribution to the development of geothermal resources by GRC-Geothermal Resources Council (USA)
*IGA is a NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of UN and partner of the EU for Renewable Energies

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